Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Endorses Tim Huelskamp for Congress

ATLANTA, Ga. – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) Chairman Jenny Beth Martin today released the following statement, announcing that the Super PAC associated with the nation’s largest Tea Party group has endorsed U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp for reelection in the seat representing Kansas’ 1st congressional district.

“Let’s be perfectly frank: Tim Huelskamp is in the fight of his political life because he refused to bow before the Washington special interests and their hand-picked GOP ‘leader,’ former Speaker John Boehner. If Tim had not shown the courage of his convictions and voted to oust the former Speaker, he would still be a member of the Agriculture Committee, and he would still be in the House GOP Leadership’s good graces, and powerful special interests in Washington would not be gunning for him, funding a primary challenger.

“So the question before the GOP voters of Kansas’ 1st congressional district is simple – do you want to be represented in Washington by a tool of the special interests, whose only question to the command ‘Jump!’ will be ‘How high?’ Or would you prefer to be represented by a leader who believes there is NO interest more special than YOURS, and who will fight for you even if it requires him to put his personal comfort, and even his political career, at risk?

“Tim Huelskamp is a champion for constitutional conservatives, and a leader in the fight for more personal and economic freedom and a debt-free future. Since coming to the House of Representatives after the 2010 elections, he has been a firm and effective proponent of removing government’s burden from the backs of farmers and small businessmen, shrinking the size of government by cutting government’s out-of-control spending, protecting innocent life, and repealing Obamacare, among others. On every issue you can name, you can count on Tim Huelskamp to stand firmly behind a conservative solution – even if the special interests oppose it.

“On behalf of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, I am pleased to endorse Tim Huelskamp for reelection in the seat representing Kansas’ 1st congressional district, and I urge all voters in the district to vote for him in the August 2 primary and the November general election.”

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is committed to equipping grassroots activists at the state and local level with the tools and resources needed to hold elected officials and government accountable and elect new and qualified candidates.  For more information, visit www.teapartypatriotscitizensfund.com