The Top 12 Reasons Why Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Supports Ted Cruz for President (and Why You Should, Too!)

Ted’s Top Twelve:

1. He’s courageous. Ted Cruz consistently and frequently stands up to Washington Insiders, including those in his own party, when needed.

2. He’s a man of integrity and honor. Unlike the vast majority of those in Washington, Sen. Cruz actually keeps his word, even when that makes life difficult for him politically.

3. Will secure our borders. Ted Cruz is committed to securing our borders and enforcing immigration laws already on the books. He opposes granting amnesty to those who are here illegally, and he successfully helped lead the fight in the Congress in 2013 to defeat the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill.

4. Will repeal Obamacare. Sen. Cruz has been a consistent and reliable champion for health care freedom. He understands that repealing Obamacare is the first step toward true reform that will make health care more available and affordable, while respecting our individual liberties.

5. Opposes corruption. Even when it costs him politically to do so, Ted Cruz fights against crony deals and corporate welfare. He led the charge in the Senate to block reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank.

6. Champion for the Rule of Law. Cruz thinks everyone should live under the law – even the Washington Elite. He is a co-sponsor of the “No Washington Exemption from Obamacare” legislation, which would require Members of Congress to live under Obamacare as the rest of us must!

7. Understands the importance of judicial nominations. Throughout his service on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Cruz has proven that he understands the importance of selecting judges to the lower courts – and especially to the Supreme Court – who share the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s commitment to the original text of the Constitution and federal statutes.

8. Opposes the Iran Deal. Cruz knows how dangerous the Iran Deal is, and led the fight in the Senate to oppose the reckless deal that gives more than $100 billion to a state sponsor of terrorism and guarantees Iran will have nuclear weapons within ten years.

9. Favors tax reform to grow the economy and create more and better jobs. Cruz will make our tax system simpler and fairer, and will give a boost to the economy.

10. Fiscally responsible. Cruz will work to balance the budget to ensure we have a debt-free future.

11. Strong on national defense. Cruz will rebuild and strengthen our military. He opposes allowing Syrians seeking refugee status to come into the country.

12. He can beat the Democrats. None of this matters if we don’t win the White House. Sen. Cruz is pulling together the Reagan Coalition that changed the course of history and set the GOP on the path to victory in 5 of 7 presidential elections.

Sen. Ted Cruz has consistently and reliably demonstrated his courage to stand for our principles of personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future.