Statement of Jenny Beth Martin following the remarks of Chairman Priebus

We commend Chairman Priebus for taking the initiative and laying out a vision for Republican Party principles, through the midterms and going forward.

We share many of the same principles and goals Reince addressed in his speech, obviously. We support all those who share our values of personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future, and look forward to working with the GOP where our interests overlap.

The Chairman’s speech was designed to say what the Republican Party was for, not against, and a positive, proactive agenda is smart politics. And while Reince made mention of the need for border security, one topic was notable in its absence. The elephant in the room is amnesty for illegal immigrants, and if the Republicans fail to take a strong stand against it, they will squander and opportunity and continue to lose elections.

Americans oppose amnesty, and it is a winning issue for conservatives. There’s a new investment banker on Wall Street who could tell the Chairman about it. He was House Majority leader until just a few weeks ago.