Mary Landrieu and the Fake Amnesty Vote

Flailing, bogus appeal won’t fool Louisianans at election time, Martin says

ATLANTA, Ga. – After Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu’s phony amnesty vote last week, the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) warned Louisiana voters not to be fooled. “Sen. Landrieu’s vote is as phony as it is transparent,” TPPCF Chairman Jenny Beth Martin said. “She only voted ‘aye’ when she knew the amendment would fail.”

Martin referred to a procedural amendment offered by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) that, had it passed by a simple majority, would make it possible to dismantle President Obama’s “DACA” program and begin deporting illegal aliens. The amendment failed on a 50-50 vote. “But as the Politico article points out, Sen. Landrieu only supports the concept of an enforceable, sovereign border when she knows the legislation won’t pass,” Martin said. “One is hard-pressed to think of a harder slap to the face of patriotic, taxpaying Louisianans.”

Landrieu’s support for illegal aliens is well documented. She voted against Sen. Thune’s amendment requiring a secure border before any change in status for those here illegally. In fact, she stated flatly that she had “voted for the dumb fence” before and wouldn’t do so again.  And of course, Landrieu voted for the Gang of Eight Amnesty bill.

“This is a transparent attempt at election time to look tough on border security,” Martin said. “Louisianans, though, can see past this phony vote and look at Mary Landrieu’s record. And they’ll remember on Election Day.”