Martin: FBI Announcement Underlines Need for the Change Donald Trump Will Bring to Washington

Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today, reacting to reports the FBI has re-opened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unsecured, private email server.

“For far too long, those inside the Washington Beltway have lived by a different set of rules. Whether it’s an Internal Revenue Service that illegally targets the president’s political opponents and then fails to comply with congressional subpoenas and still has yet to be held to account, or a Congress and congressional staff that gratefully accepts their own special exemption from ObamaCare, or a Secretary of State who willfully violates national security regulations in setting up her own unsecured email server to host classified information, the members of the Washington Establishment clearly believe they are above the law.

“Given the FBI’s failure to recommend prosecution earlier — despite what more than half the country believes was ample evidence of criminal wrongdoing — we won’t be holding our breath about the results of this reopened investigation.

“But we do believe this: It’s time to change Washington. And you cannot change Washington without changing the PEOPLE in Washington. If you’re as angry as we are about how Washington elites live by a different set of rules, we have a solution: Vote for Donald Trump on November 8.”