Conservative Activists Trust Ted Cruz to Make Good On His Campaign Promises and Clean Up Washington

ATLANTA, Ga – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement tonight after the primary election results.

“Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is proud of the campaign Ted Cruz is running. We are more certain than ever that he is the only Republican in the field who will unite the party behind a conservative vision and defeat Hillary Clinton in November. Double Dealin’ Donald Trump began his campaign by railing against lobbyists and Washington special interests but recently turned his campaign over to a career DC lobbyist who has brought scores of influence peddlers onto Team Trump. This is just more evidence that Double Dealin’ Donald will say or do anything to be elected. He was a donor to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign before he claimed he was the right man to defeat her. He was against the lobbyists and the special interests before he asked them to help run his campaign. It’s clear the grassroots can’t trust Double Dealin’ Donald to keep his word, which is why conservative activists trust Ted Cruz to make good on his campaign promises and clean up Washington. It’s time for Republicans to unite behind Ted Cruz so they can defeat Hillary Clinton and take back the White House in the fall.”