Citizens Fund Congratulates Bevin on KY GOP Primary Victory

Jenny Beth Martin, Chairman of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF), tonight congratulated Kentucky businessman Matt Bevin for his apparent victory in that state’s GOP gubernatorial primary. “We’re thrilled that Matt Bevin is the winner of the Kentucky GOP gubernatorial primary,” Martin said, “and we congratulate him on his hard-fought victory. We especially appreciate the fact that he won by running a high-road, positive campaign, spending his time and campaign resources laying out his ambitious agenda for conservative reform on the issues that matter to Kentucky – primarily, generating economic growth and solving the state’s growing pension crisis.

“We endorsed him for Governor because his is the brand of leadership Kentucky needs,” Martin continued. “He had the courage last year to stand up to Mitch McConnell, and he had the strength to pick himself up off the mat, dust himself off, and apply the lessons he learned last year to a campaign this year.

“We look forward to a positive result from the recanvass that may take place, and we’re pleased that our endorsement and communication to tens of thousands of grassroots conservatives across Kentucky helped get Matt over the top,” Martin concluded.