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Memorandum to Tea Party Activists, Grassroots Conservative Friends & Allies

Memorandum November 12, 2016 To: Tea Party Activists, Grassroots Conservative Friends and Allies From: Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Many of you may have seen my post last evening on Facebook regarding my concern about Reince Priebus being appointed President-elect Trump’s Chief of Staff.  Mr. Trump won an amazing victory, a victory which all of us knew could happen, the nation was ready for and demanding, and one in which OUR issues won the day.  Mr. Trump put himself out there and took the arrows and never backed down in the fight regardless of who rose up against him -  the media, the Hollywood elite, the ...

TPPCF Congratulates President-elect Donald Trump on his Victory

TPPCF Congratulates Senator Pat Toomey on his Victory in Pennsylvania

TPPCF Congratulates Congresswoman-elect Claudia Tenney on her Victory in New York 22

TPPCF Congratulates Rep. Steve Pearce on his Victory in New Mexico 02

TPPCF Congratulates Rep. Steve King on his Victory in Iowa 04

TPPCF Congratulates Rep. Jim Jordan on his Victory in Ohio 04

TPPCF Congratulates Congressman-elect Andy Biggs on his Victory in Arizona 05

TPPCF Congratulates Rep. Paul Gosar on his Victory in Arizona 04

TPPCF Congratulates Rep. Justin Amash on his Victory in Michigan 03