Weekly Newsletter – 04/18/2015

Here’s a quick look at the major political events of the past week

  • Hillary Clinton’s failed launch.
    Hillary Clinton’s much-anticipated presidential campaign is off to a … well … less than spectacular start. She made the announcement in a video, which, as the Washington Post notes, failed to address any of the important aspects of a presidential bid. For example, the video never mentions why she would be a good President, or even why she has decided to run. One of the major problems facing her campaign is her overall lack of accomplishment in any area of her professional life. Dennis Prager’s excellentcolumn this week focuses on Clinton’s lack of professional accomplishments, and he points out that other than Barack Obama, it’s “hard to come up with a less accomplished individual who has run for president in our lifetime.” Ouch.
  • Hillary staffers stage meetings with “grassroots supporters” in Iowa.
    After making her announcement, Hillary Clinton headed to Iowa to meet with “everyday Iowans” at “intimate sessions in restaurants.” Hmmm. Well, it turns out that Hillary’s staffers’ ideas of what constitutes “everyday Iowans” probably doesn’t quite match what you or I would think constitutes “everyday Iowans.” In fact, among the “everyday Iowans” with whom Hillary held staged meetings were an Obamacare lobbyist (yes, really!) and a Planned Parenthood employee (no, we’re not making this up). For more on Hillary Clinton’s Astroturf staged meetings, click here:
  • Third Republican Senator jumps into Presidential Primary.
    Launching his campaign formally at the Freedom Tower – known for decades as the “Ellis Island of the South,” because it was the place Cubans fleeing Castro went to get processed into the U.S. – Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced on Monday that he is running for President. He joins fellow Republican Senators, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, in the Republican primary race. Though Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund has not endorsed any candidate for President, we’re pleased that the first three formally announced candidates in the GOP contest are all new political leaders who ran – and were elected on – Tea Party principles. To read Tea Party Patriots’ statement, click here.
  • Desantis considers running for FL Senate seat.
    Congressman Ron Desantis from Florida is considering running for Marco Rubio’s open Senate seat this year. Rep. Desantis is a strong conservative with an exceptional voting record. He is also one of the founding members of the House Freedom Caucus.
    “Ron DeSantis is exactly the kind of Republican we need in the Florida Senate race. In recent weeks, we’ve seen three tea party senators enter the 2016 Presidential field; why not cap things off with a solid conservative to take over for Marco Rubio?” -Jenny Beth Martin


What are your thoughts about the Republican candidates?

  • Rand Paul is the more viable candidate. 6.7%
  • Ted Cruz is the more viable candidate. 52.3%
  • I’m waiting to see who else gets in the race. 30.7%
  • Other thoughts? [OPEN QUESTION] 10.3%