Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Presidential Primary Endorsement Process

How did Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund arrive at our endorsement of Ted Cruz?

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund conducted a series of steps in order to gather and comprehend the information necessary for us to make an endorsement for President of the United States. We knew that the procedure had to be one that instilled confidence in the process, in the organization, in the result, and most importantly, in our grassroots supporters around the country.

To ensure a fair process, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund took the following steps:

  1. We sent a questionnaire to all of the candidates, so that each candidate had a chance to answer in his or her own words and speak directly and unfiltered to our supporters.
  2. We provided as much information as was publicly available and reasonably accessible to our research team in order for our supporters to see where each candidate stands on the issues that matter to us, and the issues that matter in the general election. Our team did everything possible to provide objective information so that our supporters could see the potentially positive and negative aspects of each candidate, and make an educated decision on whom to support.
  3. We conducted an online balloting process consisting of four different ballots:
  4. The first ballot included all the existing candidates in the race for the Republican nomination (at that time, the count was 14).
  5. The second ballot was reduced to the top eight contenders from the first ballot.
  6. The third ballot was reduced to the top four candidates from the second ballot.
  7. Finally, the fourth ballot included the top two candidates from the third ballot.
  8. Registration: Any registered voter was allowed to register to participate in the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Primary. Existing supporters were considered registered by virtue of their prior affiliation with Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund; new supporters who wanted to vote were required to complete the registration in full with valid information in order for their vote to count.
  9. Ballot Security: We implemented a validation process to ensure the integrity of the votes counted in the balloting process: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Mailing Address, and Phone Number were required fields in order to register to vote. This information was used to validate individual voters in an effort to prohibit a single person from voting multiple times.
  10. Two webinars were held with supporters from around the country to debate the pros and cons of the remaining two candidates on the fourth and final ballot.

We believe our process truly shows the will of our supporter base, and gave us the information we needed to objectively select a candidate who we believe will best serve as the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

At the end of the day, we require a very high threshold of support from our members and supporters to make an endorsement, to ensure that our endorsements sincerely and accurately reflect the grassroots’ choice. In every endorsement decision, we strive to do right by our supporters, and we do everything we can to hear their voices, and make the decision they want us to make. Our organization and our endorsement process is “grassroots first,” as in, the grassroots come first. Our supporters overwhelmingly wanted us to make an endorsement in the Republican Presidential Primary, and thus we formulated the fairest, most transparent procedure we could to arrive at our endorsement. We sincerely thank all of our supporters for the time and energy they gave to this entire process, as it is through their input that we were able to reach an honest decision. Thank you!